Androgyny, Etc.

Jun 07 - Jun 08 7:00pm

Lines are blurred at Androgyny, Etc – A Heidmann Art Salon in collaboration with Crossroads Hotel. Your hosts invite you to ask: Are we handsome, or are we beautiful? Or could we be a compelling blend of both, bending the boundaries that society imposes. This art exhibition is a celebration of the fluidity of being and fashion — a journey beyond the binary, into a realm where every face, every form, tells a story of duality. Expect expression in all forms, from the audio to the adornments. Here, art does not just imitate life; it redefines it. Order a beverage & simply observe for 2 nights only. Fashion styling by Fine Folk, music by Sir Queen. All are welcome – at no cost. 

Join us on June 7th & 8th at Crossroads Hotel.


(866) 531-2400

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