Crossroads Hotel


May 11 7:00pm

Tap into your sensual and confidence side with this communal empowerment experience created and developed by Tina Rojas x Crossroads Hotel KC. This class and event is oriented towards all levels of dance ability. Tina is a professional heels dancer, choreographer, performer, and wellness director in the greater Kansas City focused around healing, self-love, and communal empowerment. Here’s what you can expect from this event:

6:45-7pm : check-in

7-7:30pm : stretch, warm-up, foundations of HEELS

7:30-8:45pm : learning dance combo (heels optional)

8:45-9pm : circle up, focus topic of the night discussion

9pm-whenever : AFTERHOURS hangs, snacks & bubbles!


What to Bring: heels, tennis shoes, water, towel, sweat pants or knee pads (optional)

What to Wear: something stretchy but comfortable. Something you can move in and feel most confident in. Be you!

What if this is my first time: this is a fun and safe space to start! YES COME!

Will there be more: YES – we are working hard to make sure to have these HEELS events once a month, currently you can count on the second Wednesday of every month same time same place.

Future Dates: June 8th, 2022

Please email [email protected] or DM @tinajanerojas with any questions or concerns – here to help.


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