Meditative Rope Workshop

Mar 26 11:00am - 12:00pm

A Collaboration with Heart of Gong & Bound to Nothing

Many are familiar with the standard practices of meditation and mindfulness, but many have yet to experience this in combination with rope work. You’ll be provided your own cotton rope and will be guided through your own self tie of two designs that provide a tight and comfortable wrap around your body that replicates an experience like a weighted blanket. This addition to the meditation and the sound of the gongs will allow us to breath and drop out of our minds and into our bodies. Rope Meditation is a full-body, meditation, mindfulness and listening experience.

What can you expect?

No meditation or rope work experience required.

Each Meditative rope workshop provides a comfortable space for participants to drop into their bodies and bring awareness to the restrictions in their life and opportunities to live less restrictive.

There are many ways to experience and meditate within this event and what you receive from the workshop is totally up to you. What intention will you set for yourself?

About the Facilitators

Ben (BoundEnergetics/BoundToNothing) is a local Shibari artist, Reiki practitioner. His intention for this event is to provide the community a space to bring awareness to the things in life that restrict us and open a safe space to explore deeper awareness of our power and ability to live life less restricted.

Heart of the Gong is dedicated to the healing potential of sound. Using sound we create an environment that allows each person’s natural healing capacity to be given full expression. Celestine and Arsenio are local Kansas City Gong Artists that love to share their passion for sound, movement and embodiment.

What to bring?

Please bring a mat, blanket, small pillow (optional), and water. Anything that will allow you to fully relax.

Additional Information

Please arrive early to find parking and save your space. The workshop will begin no later than 10 minutes after 11:00am

New to this or have questions? Reach out to Ben at [email protected]

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Please RSVP to reserve your spot!


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