Sound Sunday w/ Haley Robertson

Apr 21 10:30am - 12:00pm

Discover a new way to relax and unwind by harmonizing to your natural state of being with the support of Sound, facilitated by Haley Robertson of @thecosmicartichoke. Sound Sunday is an immersive, full-body listening experience where an individual bathes in the frequencies of crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, tuning forks, rattles and voice; also known as a Sound Bath or Sound Journey. No meditation or yoga experience necessary.

Each Sound Journey is different depending on what a person is going through at that moment, Haley believes every person receives exactly what they need in the journey.

There is a spectrum of how you may receive this experience, and it is totally up to you. Haley advises, no expectations. It can range from understanding sound in a new way to feeling relaxed, aligned and as if your brain got a massage. Sound Sunday can also serve as ceremony to cultivate a relationship with your human experience, your Soul & your Higher Power. What is your intention?

Haley Robertson is a local Kansas City Sound Artist, Life Coach and Yoga Instructor. Her intention for Sound Sunday is to create a safe space to explore deeper states of consciousness that elicit deep relaxation, creativity, and healing of the mind, body, and spirit. She respects each person’s Spiritual beliefs and cultivates a space where one is able to dive into their personal relationship to Spirituality.

“I seriously can not say enough about the wonders of sound baths. My 4 part sequence has relaxed and reset me, while simultaneously pushing me towards self-growth. After each session I can feel that my energy has been reset and my heart has been opened. I genuinely believe that a sound bath with Haley can be beneficial and restorative for every one.” -Melanie, Lawyer

Please bring a mat, blanket, small pillow (optional), and water. Anything that will allow you to fully relax.


(866) 531-2400

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