Sukha: The Art of Embodied Pleasure

Jun 30 - Jun 30 10:00am

Allow us to introduce you to Sukha: The Art of Embodied Pleasure. Through the power of Tantra, Yoga, Intuitive Acupuncture and Energy Work you will harness your innate authority to alchemize shame into liberation, and reclaim your own pleasure, sensuality, ease – Sukha.

During your time with practioners Christy Marsh, Annie Epp, Adrienne Porter, and Chelsea Craig you will explore somatic wisdom and cultivate a deeper awareness of the senses to embrace the practices of Sukha and embody pure joy. What you learn through pleasure, you never forget.

We begin with Christy taking us through a sensuous Tantric breathwork practice to connect passions of the body after which Annie will turn up your sensual energy, expanding your life force through a unique yoga flow. To bring union of the physical body to the energetic body, Chelsea will offer her signature 5-point acupuncture + energy work as Annie, Christy, and Adrienne offer their magic of Reiki.

Join us at the crossroads of what was and what is to be as you embrace an intimate relationship with Self to fully live your life of Sukha, the Art of Embodied Pleasure.


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