Towel Service W/ Jet Athletics

Feb 05 10:00am - 11:00am

Jet Athletics is a fitness and wellness platform designed to fit in your carry-on. 

Join Jet’s co-founders Gianna Ferrante and Jillian Barnes for a 45-minute workout featuring Jet’s signature class, TOWEL SERVICE. Towel Service is a full-body workout designed to build strength, increase endurance and boost your mood using only a towel.

What to bring: a yoga mat and water

What to wear: Your favorite workout set (we recommend wearing sneakers) #SneakersGoWithEverything

What you’ll leave with: New friends, sore quads, a custom Jet Athletics towel that fits neatly in your carry-on, Actual Sunshine from Kin Euphorics, an infrared sauna session at Haven Wellness + Spa, Watermelon Glow from Golde a coaster from Sip Steady, and more!

Jet Athletics is your passport to wellness. It’s your daily escape without the long boarding lines. Towel service included. Whether you have 10 minutes or 50, no equipment or access to a total gym, Jet Athletics provides an all-inclusive getaway to the movement of your choice.

Questions? Reach your co-captains at [email protected].


Jet Athletics @jet.athletics 

Gianna Ferrante @ferrantegianna

Jillian Barnes @bodybyjillian

Photography by @danielamarchiphoto


(866) 531-2400

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