Percheron Haze

Jul 07 - Jul 08

We hear Tay is in town and sadly, we were not able to score tickets either.

If you’re seeing her tonight (we are jealous!!) BUT join us after!

If you were not able to snag some tickets, please join us this weekend (Friday, July 7th and Saturday, July 8th)  as DJ Cale Parks and DJ Ne$$ will be setting the vibe with mixes inspired by the Era’s feels from 7PM- 11PM.

We have partnered with Empress Gin and will be having the “Lavender Haze” cocktails this weekend only, because why not!!

Come join us on the rooftop and cry with us as we listen to Tay vibes and watch the sunset together with that special Percheron Haze.

See you on the roof!



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