Crossroads Hotel

chronotopic accumulation – Opening Reception

Feb 04 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Join us for the opening reception of Chronotopic Accumulations by @kevinmtownsend

Kevin Townsend’s exhibition isn’t so much an image, an installation, or a place — you’re looking at a duration of time. His field of marks, although simple on their own, even several per second, together mark two hundred hours of labor, focus, and entering a kind of reverie in this space.

Over four distinct durations, Townsend will respond to his experience of the hotel, that is, that drawing is “made in the moment” rather than as a preconceived image. What might appear to be a carefully calibrated response to the architecture of the hotel, is a direct index of the energy of the room.

Crossroads Hotel gallery and art program is organized by El Dorado and @camhouston

Chronotopic Accumulation is curated by CAMH executive director @hessemcgraw


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